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Virtual Reality Therapy for Trauma and Anxiety
עם מציאות מדומה

Virtual Reality Volunteers
for anxiety & stress relief


Virtual Reality Therapy for Trauma and Anxiety
עם מציאות מדומה

פעילות התנדבותית
באמצעות מציאות מדומה
להפגת חרדות וטיפול בטראומה

get to know us

VR4Good is a purely volunteer based operation
providing unique VR experiences for trauma
and stressed related instances

our volunteers' activities

get to know us

VR4Good הינו מערך התנדבותי המספק חדרי VR ניידים ומציע חוויה להפגת חרדות וטיפול בטראומה לנפגעים בגוף ובנפש.

our volunteers' activities

VR Rooms

 All we need is Wi-Fi and a power socket
Our team will arrive to any destination in Israel with all the required equipment, set everything up
and make sure the experiences run smoothly. You can find a wide variety of unique content - space exploration, live 360 shows, puzzles and engaging integrations, deep relaxation and many more 

How VR4Good operates

We allocate volunteers who can mobilize people & gear
connect with professionals who can operate VR
and bring teams to locations where evacuated are staying. We'll go anywhere we are needed. No exceptions.

Our Partners

VR4Good is here for you
to bring back smiles for loved ones
לכם ולאהובים שלכם.

Want to take part?

ומתחמי אירוח

Know anyone who would be interested in our actively? leave their details and we'll touch base


Our operation is relying on the spirit and willingness of volunteers, who spend time, money and effort to reach as many needed as they can. Your donations will help us expand and reach more children and families in ever growing circles and continue in this meaningful impactful activity

VR Operators

we're building a list of mobilized operators who can bring VR gear and get the ball rolling with unique content we provide. Want to halp our cause? drop us a line


VR enthusiasts - want to volunteer? Reach out and join us!

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Our Activities

מוסדות ומתחמי אירוח


מפעילי מציאות מדומה


פתחו את הלב, הושיטו יד והצטרפו למערך ההתנדבות שלנו, במטרה לסייע לנפגעים.

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